Senior Driver

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We know you value your freedom and independence.  Our goal is to keep you driving independently for as long as safely possible.

There are several warning signs that indicate a driver would benefit from a Brant’s Driving School Driver Evaluation.  They include:

  • Frequently gets lost, even in familiar areas
  • Accidents or near misses
  • Failure to notice signs, signals, or other traffic
  • Needs help or directions from passengers
  • Slow decisions
  • Easily frustrated or confused

Senior Driver FAQs

I have neuropathy in my legs.  Can I still drive?
A driver evaluation by Brant’s Driving School would determine if you are safe to drive without equipment and if not, you will have a chance to try out adaptive equipment to see what would work best for you.

I have physical impairment after a stroke, but I still need and to drive. What can I do?
A driver evaluation by Brant’s Driving School will determine what if any adaptive equipment is necessary.

My children (or my doctor) are concerned, but I just drive to places in my neighborhood. How can I ease their concerns?
A driving evaluation allows an impartial professional to assist you, your family and/or physician in determining your best course of action.  Brant’s Driving School offers home visits to allow you to drive in your local area where you are most comfortable.

Does my health insurance cover the cost?
Health insurance does not cover driver evaluation and/or training services.

I have been driving for over 60 plus years.  Do I have to stop driving just because I’m older?
Absolutely NOT!  Many seniors self restrict driving currently such as time of day, length of trips and types of roadways, but sometimes this self-restriction may not be enough.  Vision, flexibility, reaction time, memory and strength are necessary for safe driving.  Impairment in any of these areas can indicate you would benefit from a driving evaluation.

What could the possible outcomes be from a driving evaluation?
Brant’s Driving School makes recommendations with your safety and the safety of others as our #1 priority.  Each evaluation is tailored to your specific needs.  Recommendations would include:  

  • Successfully passing the driver evaluation with no further services recommended
  • When appropriate, refresher training may be recommended to improve your driving skills
  • When necessary, assess your need of adaptive equipment and discussing training/testing options
  • When necessary, driving retirement is recommended

We treat every client with respect and dignity.  

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